This R4i Save Dongle is used to extract and inject saved games into your original DS/DSi/3DS game cartridge.

  • Extract saved games from your original game cartridge
  • Inject saved games to your original game cartridge
  • Delete/Wipe saved games on cartridges that normally don’t allow you to delete the save file.


  • DS/DSi Original Game Cartridge
  • 3DS Original Game Cartridge


  • R4i Save Dongle.


6 months from date of purchase.



Q: How do I use this product?

A: We don’t offer any support for this item. You will need to get the installation/usage instructions from the manufacturers website here:

Q: You sell the product you should teach me how to use it right?

A: Please refer to the previous answer as we are only re-sellers of this product therefore we don’t offer any support.