Premodded ORANGE Nintendo 2DS XL with 32GB


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With all the different modifications for the 3DS/2DS, softmodding your console has become the optimal solution when compared to flashcards. Once the softmod is installed you will be running a Custom Firmware (CFW) which gives you these features:

  • Autoboot into CFW
  • Play your backup 3DS games
  • Run emulators through Homebrew Launcher
  • Run homebrew applications
  • Completely region free
  • Simply to use
  • Cheaper option than flashcards
  • IMPORTANT: This is a service which means you will need to send us your console for us to install the CFW.




  • 3DS
  • 3DS XL
  • New 3DS
  • New 3DS XL
  • 2DS
  • New 2DS XL

Currently compatible upto the latest firmware.



These are included in the service:

  • Professionally installed CFW
  • Luma Updater
  • Homebrew Launcher
  • Theme Customizer
  • FBI (Used to install CIA games)
  • Digital Backup Of Nand (12 months)



There are a number of ways you are use the console once we have softmodded it, but these are the most common:

  • Dump your original cartridges as CIA files and install it into your system
  • Use FBI to install CIA games from the memory card (Need to place CIA files using computer first)
  • Use other apps to auto download and install your BACKUP games.



No warranty is provided for this service. Console will be fully tested to demonstrate the completion of service. A video will be taken during testing and kept as a record of services rendered.



Q: I have backed up my 3DS game as a CIA file what now?

A: You need to take the memory card out of the console and put it into the computer. Create a folder called cias and put your cia games into this folder. Next put the memory card back in and boot up the console and launch FBI. In FBI navigate to SD:/cias then install the game. Once installed the game will appear on the main screen.